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Dipping chocolates – Kroka
Bread pudding
Silvercrest Vacuum Sealer 125W
Vegan Orange-Bresilienne Truffles
Vegan Raspberry Truffles
Vegan Kumquat Truffles
Vegan truffle : Banana-Coconut Truffles
Vegan truffle – Comaschi 2
Vegan truffle – Comaschi 1
Baking pork tenderloin
Culinary terms
Tête de Moine
Dates with bacon
Apricots with bacon
Tested – Tefal Ingenio Eco Respect
Duck breast with red port sauce and berries with warm apples
Baking duck breast – step by step
Red port sauce with berries
Core temperature of meat and fish
Chocolates with coffee caramel
Chocolates with eggnog
Chocolates with lime and pistachio ganache
Chocolates with speculoos
Chocolates with cherry
Chocolates with mocha ganache
Chocolates with marzipan ganache
Chocolate figure Rudolf
Chocolate Nation – Antwerp
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All about truffles
Truffles with ganache from Poire William
Truffles with raspberry ganache
Truffles with ganache from Batida de Côco
Truffles with ganache from Passoã
Truffles with ganache from Advocaat
Truffles with tea ganache
Truffles with kirsch ganache
Truffles with white wine ganache
Truffles with ganache from Cointreau
Sinterklaas figures in chocolate
Chocolate Sinterklaas figures
Carrot Soup with Herb Cheese
Sweet and spicy Chinese Tomato Soup with Chicken and Applesauce
Melo cakes
Coconut-Chocolate Crisps
Snowballs with a Twist
Making truffles
The Art of the Tempering Process
The 4 types of chocolate
From Cocoa Bean to the basic ingredients for chocolate
My Chocolate Adventure at CVO Gent
Prawns à la Mediterranea
Symphony of Crown of Lamb and Green Asparagus
Vitello Tonnato: An Italian Delicacy
Summer Italian salad
Swedish meatballs à la Ikea
Croissant with Nutella
Bouncer Deluxe with Tête de Moine
Crêpes suzette
Scrambled eggs with toast and sun-dried tomatoes
Creamy Leek with Mustard and White Wine
A journey through the world of sauces
Pita Huys Special
Remoulade sauce
Tartar sauce
Classic Cocktail Sauce
Classic Homemade Mayonnaise
Mornay sauce
Spanish sauce – Sauce Espagnole
Tomato sauce
Bechamel sauce
Fish velouté sauce
Poultry velouté sauce
Veal velouté sauce
Cheddar sauce
Béarnaise Sauce
Hollandaise sauce
Refined Salsify Soup with Black Pudding and Scallops
The multifaceted world of Vinaigrettes
Rice cake
Lost bread
Omelette with shiitake mushrooms
Omelette plain
Omelette with bacon cubes
Apricot tart
Kriek taart
Frangipane tart
Meatballs in tomato sauce
Deep fried fish
Apple fritters
Tapas plate
Heartwarming Tomato Soup
Breton biscuit with cream and strawberry
A casserole of Southern vegetables
Greek lettuce with tzatziki
Buttery tender ribs
Roasted potatoes
Canned chicken
Strawberry cake
Refreshing Tomato Salad
Bruchetta with ore puree and anchovies
Bruchetta with tomato and ham
Tarte Tatin on the BBQ
BBQ Moink Balls
Langoustines on the BBQ