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The Art of Tempering: Your Complete Guide

Dive into the techniques of tablemaking, and discover why a tempering machine is your best friend.
There are several ways to reheat chocolate, from the traditional bain-marie method to using a microwave. For this blog, however, we choose the most accurate and efficient method (at home): the chocolate tempering machine.
Total Time30 minutes
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Belgian
Keyword: chocolate



  • chocolate of your choice


  • Prepare a clean and dry workspace, and have all the necessary tools at hand.
  • Place the chocolate in the tempering machine and heat it to about 45°C.
  • Adjust the temperature of the machine to the desired final temperature (see notes)
  • Spoon 2/3 of the melted chocolate onto a marble worktop.
  • Table: Use the putty knives to spread the chocolate evenly and stir continuously, until the temperature drops to about 5°C below the desired final temperature. This process stabilizes the crystal structure of the cocoa butter, resulting in a glossy finish and a pleasant ‘snap’ when the chocolate breaks.
  • Mix the tabled chocolate back with the hot chocolate in the tempering machine.
  • Stir well and place it back in the machine to reach the desired final temperature. If necessary, heat or cool to obtain the right temperature.
  • Keep stirring regularly in the tempered chocolate.


Temperature tempering machine at start


Temperature on the worktop before merging

  • Dark chocolate: 27°C
  • Milk chocolate: 25°C
  • White chocolate: 23°C
  • Ruby chocolate: 24°C

End Temperature Tempering Machine

  • Dark chocolate: 31-32°C
  • Milk chocolate: 29-30°C
  • White chocolate: 27-28°C
  • Ruby chocolate: 28-29°C
source and inspiration – Rudi Van Eenooge – CVO Ghent – Simple Chocolate Course

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