Easter eggs filled with praline or gianduja

Paasietjes met Praliné

Easter eggs with praline or gianduja

How to make chocolate Easter eggs with appropriate filling … A step-by-step guide to a tasty Easter.
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Cuisine: Belgian
Keyword: Belgian chocolate, Chocolate eggs, Easter, Easter eggs
2 hours



  • chocolate tempered (milk/fondant/white)
  • Praline or gianduja


Preparation of the Forms:

  • Remove chocolate residue from the chocolate molds using a putty knife.
  • Use a blowtorch to lightly heat the chocolate molds. Then clean them with paper towels.


  • Fill the molds completely with tempered chocolate. Put 10s on the vibrating plate and again max 10s (8s for white) inverted. Skim off the excess chocolate and set the mold upright on baking paper.
  • Let them harden for several minutes. Then remove the excess chocolate with a putty knife and allow to harden further.
    Gemouleerde paaseitjes


  • Take or make the filling, here praline or gianduja.
  • Let the filling cool if necessary. Put the filling in a piping bag and roll over a marble table to cool the filling even faster. The filling must be less than 30°C or the chocolate already in the molds will melt.
  • Put the filling into the half eggs, leaving at least one mm from the edge.
  • After you fill a chocolate mold, tap the mold on the table for about 10 seconds to distribute the filling evenly.


  • Place the chocolate molds in the refrigerator for at least 1h.


  • Remove the chocolate molds from the frig and let warm for a while. (max 10 min)
  • Heat the top layer of the chocolate molds briefly with the blowtorch in such a way that we can assemble them more easily.
  • Place a layer of chocolate (ditto kind as egg) on the mold and gently skim with the palette knife. Ditto for the 2nd similar mold.
  • Place the choclade molds nicely side by side and fold them together. Tie them with the appropriate binding material. Remove excess choclade at the edges.
  • Turn several times and place immediately in the refrigerator for at least 1h.


  • Remove the chocolate molds from the frig, remove the binding material and tap the chocolate mold on the table to remove the eggs.
  • Did some of the eggs not remain nicely whole? Using a heat plate, you can “glue” these back one at a time.