Dipping chocolates – Kroka

A step-by-step guide to making dipping chocolates, a delicious combination of white chocolate and feuilletine.

Bread pudding

A delicious, simple delicacy that transforms stale bread into a delicious sweet treat. Ideal for reducing food waste and perfect as comfort food on a cold day. With a hint of cinnamon and raisins, a classic that delights young and old alike.

Vegan Raspberry Truffles

Experience the fresh, fruity taste of raspberries in these delicious vegan truffles, coated in a rich layer of dark chocolate.

Vegan truffle – Comaschi 2

Discover the smooth, creamy flavors of these luxurious vegan truffles, enriched with the softness of milk chocolate

Chocolate figure Rudolf

Discover the art of chocolate sculpture with my homemade Rudolf the reindeer, a sweet symbol of the holidays.

Chocolate Nation – Antwerp

Located in the heart of Antwerp, Chocolate Nation promises to be an experience that every chocolate lover dreams of.

All about truffles

What is a truffle? Truffles are small, often round candies, made of chocolate ganache (a mixture of chocolate and cream), often coated with chocolate, cocoa powder or nuts. You will find all our truffle recipes at the bottom Basic Ingredients Can I store truffles for a long time? What is the difference between truffles and…


Everything you need to know about ganache.

Truffles with white wine ganache

Luxury in Every Bite – White Chocolate Spherical Truffles with a surprising White Wine Ganache core finished in bresilienne.

Chocolate Sinterklaas figures

Discover the art of creating Santa Claus figures with three types of chocolate – a sweet tradition for the holidays!