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White sauces

White sauces, also known as “crème” or “béchamel” sauces, are the backbone of French culinary tradition. They are creamy, mild, and versatile, providing a delicious texture and flavor to a variety of dishes. Often made from a mixture of butter, flour, and milk, these sauces can be further enriched with ingredients such as cheeses, spices, meat or fish broths to create a variety of variations. They are perfect for brightening up pastas, vegetables, meat, and fish, and can also be used as a base for other more complex sauces. Discover the rich and luxurious world of white sauces and unleash your culinary creativity.

Mornay sauce

    A classic French cheese sauce based on a Bechamel sauce

    Bechamel sauce

      A classic creamy white sauce based on a white roux, ideal for pastas and casseroles.

      Cheddar sauce

        The English Mornay Sauce – a rich and flavorful cheese sauce.