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Bullet truffles

Bullet truffles are worthy of a special mention in the world of chocolate. This category celebrates the unique shape and consistency of bullet truffles, which resemble traditional truffles yet have their own character. Often characterized by a perfectly round shape and a smooth, shiny exterior, these truffles offer an explosion of flavor in every bite. Here, you’ll find recipes that range from classic chocolate fillings to adventurous, innovative flavor combinations, all in the form of perfect bullets. The bullet truffles in this category are distinguished by their uniform shape and the refined techniques required for their creation, making them a favorite among chocolate lovers who appreciate both tradition and precision.

Truffel framboos afgewerkt met een rode verflaag en een spiraal van witte chocolade

Truffles with raspberry

    Bullet truffles with raspberry ganache finished with a red tint and a spiral of white chocolate

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