Colorful Pralines – Power Flowers™

Power Flowers™ Discovery Box from Barry Callebaut an innovative and user-friendly solution with also a variant with natural products.
Total Time: 30 minutes
Cuisine: Belgian

When it comes to chocolate coloring, Barry Callebaut’s Power Flowers™ Discovery Box offers an innovative and easy-to-use solution. This kit is specially designed for professionals and chocolate lovers who want to personalize their creations with vibrant and stable colors.

Features of the Discovery Box:

  • Versatility: The box contains a selection of basic colors in the form of “flowers,” which can be mixed to create a broad spectrum of colors.
  • Ease of use: each “flower” can be easily dosed and mixed depending on the desired intensity of color.
  • Natural ingredients: There are 2 varieties, one of which is made from natural ingredients, making them a safe choice for coloring edibles.

Color Chart:

The kit comes with a color chart that serves as a guide for mixing the base colors to achieve specific shades. This chart helps accurately determine the amount of each color needed to achieve the desired final color. The color chart is not only practical but also ensures consistency in your creations, which is essential for professional presentation and quality.


The colors from the Discovery Box can be added directly to melted chocolate or cocoa butter, and are suitable for white, milk and dark chocolate. This makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of chocolate products, from chocolates to chocolate figures and decorative elements.
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