Rudolf’s Chocolate Adventure: A Handmade Creation

Discover the art of chocolate sculpture with my homemade Rudolf the reindeer, a sweet symbol of the holidays.
Total Time: 4 hours
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Belgian
Keyword: Belgian chocolate, Chocolate figurines, Christmas
Servings: 1 piece
Calories: 1500kcal


  • 1 Chocolate mould Easter (for the body)
  • 1 Chocolate mould Sphere (for the head)
  • 1 Chocolate mould bar (for the pedestal)
  • 1 Chocolate mould small bulbs (for the nose/ears)
  • 1 bottle of cooling spray
  • 1 Heating plate
  • 1 Ice cream cone mold
  • 1 burner
  • 1 Cheese board that can spin
  • Miscellaneous Decoration Items (eyes, snowflakes, …)
  • 1 rolling pin for unrolling scarf
  • 1 Cartridge Roller to put stripes in the scarf


  • 80 Gr marzipan
  • 1 Kl dye ((red – suitable for marzipan))
  • 50 Gr Fondant
  • 500 Gr chocolate (tempered (fondant or milk))
  • 1 pair Eyes
  • 50 Gr Modulate Chocolate ((for hands and feet))


The foot

  • Fill the mold with chocolate
    Chocoladevoet vullen
  • Gently pat the table to remove any air bubbles
  • Allow to crystallize
  • Put in the fridge

Mould of the mould body

  • Make sure the chocolate is slightly thicker than usual. You can achieve this by filling the mold completely. Slightly thicker chocolate is desirable in order to have a sufficiently strong figure as an end result.
    Body chocolade
  • Whisk some on the table to remove any remaining air bubbles. Let it rest for about 4 minutes.
  • Chicken – tap the side a few times – for about 4 seconds and wipe with the pallet knife.
  • Allow to crystallize.
  • Once everything is hard enough, remove any excess chocolate.
  • Put in the fridge

Mould the head

  • ditto as a body

Moulate the ears/nose

  • ditto as a body

The Ears

  • Fill a cornetto and spray the ears. The ears consist of 10 balls and at the end a “string” to easily put the ears in the head.
    Het spuiten van Rudolfs oren
  • Allow to crystallize
  • Flip over and spray the same thing again.
  • Set aside for later

The beanie

  • Use about 80gr marzipan, add some food coloring and knead well until everything has a nice red color.
  • Make a nice ball of 50gr and keep the 30gr in front of the scarf.
  • Hold the sphere between the palms of your hands and form a cone in this way.
    Jo Huys rollen muts
  • Turn it over and fold the top in such a way that you get the shape of a Santa hat.
  • Push the hat a little flat on the table and set aside upright.
  • Roll out some sugar paste into a long string.
  • With the back of a knife, press the string for a moment and this maximum every half centimeter.
  • Roll the string around the hat and remove the excess.
  • Let it rest
    kerstmuts in marsepein

The scarf

  • Take the remaining marzipan and roll it, 2-3 mm thick, into a long whole.
  • Cut these and make sure you have a scarf with a width of 2 cm.
  • Make an incision at the ends.
  • Let it rest

Surface-mounted body

  • Remove all the chocolate from the molds
  • Provide a cornetto with the right chocolate.
  • Make sure you have a foot of at least 7 by 7 cm.
  • For the body, heat 2 halves on the heat plate for a few seconds and stick them together.
  • Pipe some chocolate in the middle but a little more to the back.
  • Let both the top and bottom of the body melt briefly on the heat plate.
  • Put on the base where you sprayed the chocolate. If necessary, use the spray.
    chocoladefiguur voet en body


  • Same for the head. Take the 2 halves – place them briefly on the heat plate and stick them together. Pipe some chocolate on top of the body. Place the head with the bottom briefly on the heat plate and stick it to the body. Again – if necessary, use the spray.
    chocoladefiguur voet en body en hoofd


  • Take a knife and heat it well with the burner.
  • Take 1 half and cut it in 2 with the warmed knife. You now have 2 ears.
  • Place it briefly on the heat plate and attach it to the head. Be sure to use the spray here.


  • For the nose again the same, take 2 halves, warm them briefly, stick them together.
  • Heat an ice cream cone mold with the burner and insert 2 nostrils into the ball
  • Melt the nose briefly on the heat plate, pipe some chocolate on top and attach to the head.


  • Put the hat briefly on the head and burn a hole to the left and right of the hat using a heated ice cream cone mold.
  • Put some melted chocolate on top
  • Attach the ears, spray some extral chocolate and/or use the spray.


  • Cover the cheese board with foil. Make sure you can rotate it.
  • Put the figures on it.
  • Spray the figures while gently rotating the board.
    Chocoladefiguren na spuiten


  • Attach the hat to the figure with some melted chocolate
  • Attach the scarf around the figure
  • Attach the feet and the hands and the eyes with some chocolate.
  • Add any extra decoration (such as a snowflake on the scarf or hat)
    vele afgewerkte Rudolf chocoladefiguren


Serving: 1piece | Calories: 1500kcal

source and inspiration – CVO Gent – Simple Chocolate Course
This lesson was considered exceptionally good by the group and ended with a round of applause.

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