Tête de Moine

The Art of Tête de Moine: Multifaceted

Discover the rich taste and unique presentation of Tête de Moine. Perfect as an elegant addition to your cheese board, a sophisticated filling for your Sunday baguette, a flavorful part of your range of appetizers or as part of your salad or main course.
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Gang: Aperitif, Main course, Starter
Cuisine: Swiss
Keyword: Cheese board, Swiss cheese, Tête de moine
Totale Tijd: 1 hour
Porties: 16
Calorieën: 35kcal
Cost: 25€ / kg




  • Take the cheese out of the fridge about an hour in advance.
  • Get the girolle ready
  • Push it through the pin in the middle. Push through in such a way that cheese is firmly attached to the board.
  • Let’s spin!


Serving: 1flower | Calories: 35kcal


Tête de Moine, or “monk’s head,” is more than just a cheese; it is a symbol of Swiss tradition and craftsmanship. Originally from the scenic Jura region, this cheese offers a rich history and an unparalleled taste experience.
A bit of history
The history of Tête de Moine dates back to the year 1192, in the monastery of Bellelay. For centuries, this cheese has been produced in the traditional way, a legacy that is passed down with every curl.
Taste and texture
What sets Tête de Moine apart is its robust, aromatic and slightly floral taste. This semi-hard cheese, made from unpasteurized cow’s milk, has a smooth, brown rind and a soft, ivory-colored interior. Upon tasting, the cheese almost melts in your mouth, revealing a complexity that enchants cheese lovers.
The Art of Serving
Unique to Tête de Moine is the way it is served. Using a ‘girolle’ or cheese curler, the cheese is shaved into delicate florets. This method not only improves flavor through increased exposure to air, but also provides an eye-pleasing presentation.
Culinary Uses
This cheese is a star on any cheese board and a favorite for aperitifs. It pairs beautifully with fruits, nuts, and a range of wines, making it a versatile choice for a variety of occasions.
A protected delicacy
Tête de Moine enjoys a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), a recognition of its uniqueness and the specific region where it is produced. This guarantees the authenticity and quality of each wheel of cheese.
Tête de Moine isn’t just a cheese; it is an experience, a tradition, and an example of Swiss craftsmanship. Whether it’s enriching your cheese board or adding a special touch to your aperitif range, this cheese is a true culinary treasure.
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