Silvercrest Vacuum Sealer 125W

Discover the versatility and ease of use of the Lidl Silvercrest vacuum sealer for sous-vide and more.


Purchase & Use

Sometime around 2021 I bought this vacuum sealer from Lidl. I don’t use these weekly but almost monthly. I usually use this device to vacuum my meat and then prepare it sous-vide.

Price vs quality

The price/quality ratio is simply magnificent. For a very low price (both device and accessories) you can quickly and easily vacuum products.
The device seems solidly built and feels sturdy enough, especially for the price.
It’s pretty easy to use. There are 3 buttons. A button to make a seal, a button to create a vacuum, and finally a button that does both at the same time.
The machine is easy to use and very good for dry feeding. Once your food creates a vacuum that contains a lot of moisture, the moisture in the container ends up in the vacuum machine, at least if you have placed the bag correctly.
It is ideal for dry food, suitable for food that is not too moist (e.g. marinated). Not suitable for food with a lot of moisture (such as sauce).


If you do draw a vacuum that contains too much moisture, this moisture will end up in the container. This container is surrounded by a kind of mush that also gets soaked. As a result, you do have some cleaning to do. I always try to avoid too moist food with this version. When I look at the Lidl website in 2024, I see that newer models are better equipped for moist food.


Price/quality very decent. An ideal device for sporadic use and perfect for discovering the world of sous-vide.
Vacuum machine Lidl - vooraan zicht
Vacuum machine Lidl - bovenzicht
Vacuum machine Lidl - bovenzicht
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