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Sustainable Cooking with Tefal’s Ingenio Eco Respect 20-Piece Set – My Experience.

After 20 years, it was high time for a new set of pans and we chose the Tefal brand and the Ingenio Eco Respect L7609902 range.

Ingenio Eco Respect L7609902 20-piece set photo 3

Ingenio Eco Respect L7609902 is a 20-piece set consisting of :

  • 3 saucepans (16/18/20 cm),
  • 6 lids,
  • 4 frying pans (22/24/26/28 cm),
  • a 24 cm sauté pan,
  • 2 detachable handles
  • 4 Accessories

Paid : Gross 349,00 €, with online discount 296,65 € at on August 1, 2023

3 saucepans – the 6 lids

3 saucepans - Tefal Ingenio Eco Respect

The set includes 3 saucepans of 16/18/20 cm are sufficient for a family of 4 (adults) to prepare sauces and vegetables. These are used by us on a daily basis.

However, there are situations where these saucepans are too small or not practical. If we cook spaghetti for 4 or make soup for more than 1 day, this set is too small. We really miss a bigger cooking pot. But the fact that these larger pots are not included in this set seems logical to me. From a certain weight, 2 handles are of course more convenient and safer.

The saucepans come with 2×3 lids, a set that you can use when cooking and a set that you can use for storing your food in the fridge.

Glass lids

I find the lid when cooking very handy.

  • They are made of glass, you can see through them.
  • They have an exceptional but practical handle.
  • There is a specific opening for the handles.
  • Also very handy is that when draining vegetables you can just leave the lid on. There are openings on both sides so that you can drain to the left or right. Just great!

The only disadvantage is that the top handle is bolted and yes the screw is already coming loose. So tighten regularly.

3 lids for saucepans - Tefal Ingenio Eco Respect

Hermetic lids

3 storage lids for saucepans - Tefal Ingenio Eco Respect

The hermetic lids are convenient for storage. A surplus? No problem, leave it in the same saucepan and close it in the fridge with a matching lid. Perfect and very convenient.

But now we put it in the dishwasher together with a jar of spaghetti sauce. Result… The lid has an orange tint and we can’t get it clean again.

4 frying pans

The set contains 4 frying pans of 22/24/26/28 cm are of very good quality. There is always a suitable frying pan for every family situation. If you do eat alone, an even smaller casserole would be useful.

3 frying pans - Tefal Ingenio Eco Respect

A lid on a frying pan is rather unusual, but in some cases it is really necessary to stop splashing fat (e.g. duck). Lids for the frying pans are not included in this set. You can, however, purchase a (splash) cover separately in the trade and on the Tefal website. A must-have if you ask me.

Sauté pan

Sauté pan - Tefal Ingenio Eco Respect

The sauté pan is also perfect and useful for one-pot dishes. Again, it’s a pity that a matching lid is not included in the set. The separately available universal (splash) cover offers the solution here.

2 handles

I really like the handles in this set, much nicer than the classic black handles that you find in most other sets.

2 handles for such a set is sufficient, but of course if you have more than 2 pots on the fire, you can “switch” every now and then. Personally, this doesn’t bother me.

What does happen regularly is that the inside of the handle is dirty with food residues. Not an issue for our dishwasher but unfortunately I have a problem with 1 of the 2 handles. When I want to loosen the handle, it sometimes doesn’t open all the way and I need extra time… troublesome. It’s unclear to me what’s wrong.

2 handles - Tefal Ingenio Eco Respect

The 4 accessories

These types of pots and pans have a non-stick coating and it is never a good idea to use with fork, spoon or other stainless steel material. So Tefal’s great idea to complete this set with 4 usable accessories made of soft material.

4 Accessories - Tefal Ingenio Eco Respect


Very positive because

  • The set is of top quality. Already 5 months in daily use and not a scratch yet!
  • I think the color is beautiful and quite exceptional.
  • The set contains matching accessories so that you don’t violate the pans.
  • No handles, so easy to stack
  • The set is suitable for all types of fires
  • No handles, so everything (except handles and lids) can also go in the oven.

What could be better?

  • The storage lids discolour in the dishwasher (e.g. with red sauce)
  • 1 handle does not always open smoothly
  • 1 handle of a glass lid already came loose and I had to tighten it once
  • The set is spacious but not complete, you definitely need a (large) cooking pot and a universal splash cover.
  • Very good quality and you can see that in the price.

Product Specifications

Heat sourceInduction – Gas – Electric – Ceramic – Halogen
Suitable for use in the ovenEverything except the handles and lids
Coating/layer insideNon-stick coating
Exterior Coating/FinishNon-stick coating
Exterior finish colorBrown – Squirrel brown
Casting rimYes
Type of handleRemovable
Handle color–Not available
Coating characteristicSans PFOA
Material inside panNon-stick coating
Cooking styleHealthy cooking
Durability coating (frying pans)X 2
Product SpecificationStackable
Detachable handleYes
Designation of interior upholsteryTitanium 2x

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