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Stukgoed buché crème fraiche

Bûche Crème Fraîche

    where “bûche” refers to a block of wood or in culinary terms often to a roll-shaped or rectangular cake. “Crème fraîche” literally means “fresh cream” and is a type of thick cream

    Truffel framboos afgewerkt met een rode verflaag en een spiraal van witte chocolade

    Truffles with raspberry

      Bullet truffles with raspberry ganache finished with a red tint and a spiral of white chocolate

      Mand met grote paaseieren melk en fondant

      Large Easter Eggs

        How To Make Big Chocolate Easter Eggs… A step-by-step guide to a tasty Easter.

        Feuille d’Or with eggnog

          A luxurious treat that combines the rich flavor of eggnog with the sweetness of white chocolate, topped off with a crunchy coating for the perfect finish.



            Impress your guests or indulge yourself with this rich and creamy eggnog, straight from kitchen class. A perfect balance between sweet and strong, with the ability to vary with your favorite liqueurs.

            Meatloaf with sweet chickpeas

              A hearty combination of classic meatloaf or meatloaf and a sweet and sour cherry sauce, perfect for a cozy family meal.

              Basis vinaigrette - olie - azijn - sjalot - peper en zout - groene kruiden

              Vinaigrette: More Than Just a Salad Dressing

                Vinaigrette, a simple yet elegant dressing, has become a fixture in kitchens worldwide. In this post, we dive deeper into what vinaigrette is, how to make it, and its versatility in the kitchen.

                Bread pudding

                  A delicious, simple delicacy that transforms stale bread into a delicious sweet treat. Ideal for reducing food waste and perfect as comfort food on a cold day. With a hint of cinnamon and raisins, a classic that delights young and old alike.