About me

My Culinary and Technological Journey: From Code to Cook to Chocolatier

Hello! I’m Jo Huys, an avid lover of both the world of code and that of cocoa. My journey started when I launched this blog as a platform to experiment and learn in the digital domain, parallel to my professional life as a software developer. What started as a technical exploration quickly turned into a culinary adventure when I decided to pursue professional chef training.

The experience opened up a world of flavors, techniques, and culinary creativity for me. With every sliced vegetable and every prepared dish, my passion for the kitchen grew. Now, after completing my cooking training, I have discovered a new love: the art of chocolate making. I am currently training to become a chocolatier, and the world of cocoa has revealed a new horizon of taste discovery and creativity for me.

Developer - Chef - Chocolatier

I plan to transform this blog into a space where I can document and share my chocolate adventures. Writing, developing and applying chocolate recipes allows me to consolidate and further develop the knowledge and skills I gain. Each post is a reflection of my growth and discoveries in the culinary world, especially focused on chocolate.

johuys.be is not only a personal culinary diary, but also a platform where I like to share my knowledge and experience with anyone interested in cooking, baking and chocolate. I hope the recipes, tips, and stories I share will inspire and help you on your own culinary journey.

I invite you to join me on this tasty journey. Let’s explore together the many flavors and textures that the world of food – and chocolate – has to offer. I look forward to sharing my love for cooking, chocolate, and technology with you!

My Education at CVO Gent: A Foundation for Culinary Passion

At CVO Gent, I completed the assistant cook and cook courses, and I can’t stress enough how valuable this experience has been to my culinary journey. The dedicated teachers and inspiring learning environment have significantly strengthened my passion for cooking and nutrition. Whether it was traditional Belgian dishes or modern culinary techniques, CVO Gent has given me the confidence and skills to further explore the multifaceted world of nutrition on my own.

What stuck with me most is the enormous commitment of each teacher to teaching students not only technical skills, but also a deep understanding and appreciation of nutrition as an art form. Thanks to this training, I have been able to fill my blog with a wide range of recipes and culinary adventures, which I enjoy sharing with my readers.

This training was more than just a study; It was a transformative experience that has become an integral part of my culinary identity. The knowledge and inspiration I gained at CVO Gent remain a constant source of motivation as I continue to push my own boundaries in the kitchen.

After this transformative experience at CVO Gent, I am now in the process of following a specialized training to become a chocolatier. This new study opens up a whole new spectrum of taste and creativity, which aligns perfectly with my ongoing culinary adventures.

Innovation and Authenticity: Using AI on My Blog

In this age of technological advancement, I’m a firm believer in embracing innovation, and that extends to my blog. I use Artificial Intelligence (AI) on a daily basis in my professional life and also to improve and enrich some aspects of my blog. For example, some of the photos on this site have been generated with love and care by AI technology. This allows me to present visually appealing and illustrative images, even when I am unable to provide my own photography.

My goal is always to provide an authentic and enriching experience to my readers. The AI-generated images have been carefully selected and created with the intention of accurately capturing the beauty and essence of each dish or subject. AI isn’t flawless and that’s detectable when you look at the details. Still, they serve as an extension of my creative expression and the passion I put into every meal and recipe.

I hope this innovative approach adds to the visual and educational value of my blog, as I continue to strive for an authentic connection with everyone who follows my culinary adventures here. The combination of traditional culinary art and modern technology is an exciting way to learn, grow, and share in the wonderful world of food.

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